Real estate is changing, we welcome you to join us on the emerging edge.  Candor Real Estate embodies the values your clients have, creating a world of healthy homes in sustainable communities.  Our clients are educated, web-savvy investigators, with values that include and yet surpass just finances.  They want healthy homes for their families and homes that are in synch rather than at odds with nature.

They want agents who can keep up with them, who get’s the bigger picture and can think into the complexity of their choices with them.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Graduated commission rate base on your sale volume, PLUS Candor Team earns Commission on all sales generated by the office.
  • Provide all of your Listing Marketing, I.E Brochures, Direct Mail, and  Professional Photography.
  • MLS access Key, if you don’t wish to get your own ($600 value)
  • No desk fees, Franchise fees, Monthly Office fees, O&E insurance fees.
  • You can lead with your values, and not compromise just because you are in an old school business.
  • You can work with a supportive team that values collaboration over competition.  We are breaking the mold of the real estate agent.

We are local. No corporation siphoning off your commission to wall street, nope, we are actual people, family once you join the team, running a transparent business, serving people and in our communities. Interested!