1. Get your finances in order.*
  2. Get pre-qualified for a loan amount.*
  3.  Choose the Candor Team*.
  4.  Schedule showings.
  5. Choose a home.
  6. Make an offer*.
  7.  Get a home inspection and an insurance quote*.
  8. Get your funding approved.
  9.  Close the loan.
  10.  Congratulation! Move in.
    first time home owners*As you look at your finances you will want to get pre-qualified for a loan amount while taking into consideration the amount of money you havesaved for a down payment. This information will give you the price range you should be looking for before you start looking. It will allow you the peace of mind that will help you negotiate the right price and the right contract terms when you find the right home. By taking this step before looking at houses it will help you make a financial decision instead of an emotional decision. Don’t spend all of your savings on a down payment to avoid mortgage insurance. Not having to pay for PMI is a plus but it might not outweigh the risk of living on the edge financially. Financial professionals agrees that paying the PMI is a better idea than living without a rainy-day fund.